ENGYJ Recruit Reviews

"Engyj is great, it’s user friendly and the team helped us customise it as per our organisation's needs and automate the recruitment process in the right pockets."

Hiring Manager
Home Care Assistance Calgary

"We’ve used the ENGYJ instant chat feature for recruiting for the last couple of weeks…we’ve received good feedback from candidates that have used the tool. It’s a great option for candidates wanting to jumpstart the recruiting process. Looking forward to using this tool in our recruiting efforts."

Ted Holmgren
Home Care Assistance
Scottsdale and Chandler

"Features throughout the website are efficient and easy to use. Applicants have vocalized how easy it is to apply. As a recruiter I love how you can customize how applicants reach me, or vice versa. Kevin and the team have made the process of recruiting much smoother. It’s nice that ENGYJ allows you to cater to your specified applicant."

Clint De Ruyter
Hiring Assistant
Home Care Assistance
Scottsdale and Chandler